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Fri March 21, 2014

Pure Water Trickles Down


Every week, a five-gallon jug of clean water makes its way to Trojes, Honduras. The bulky blue container sloshes its way down…

Pure Water Trickles Down

Wed March 19, 2014

Water and energy might be more connected than you think


If there’s one message that the United Nations wants to drive home this World Water Day, it’s this: Water requires energy, and energy requires water.

It’s called the energy-water nexus, and it’s the focus of this year’s World…

Water and energy might be more connected than you think

Fri March 07, 2014

For women in Haiti, access to clean water inspires change

In Bouda Chita, Haiti, the impact of clean water access is transforming the lives of women of all ages. “I’m an old women,” said one resident, whose home was recently installed with a Pure Water for the World biosand filter. “Now after drinking water from my filter, I feel like I’m 18.”

Pure Water for the World…

For women in Haiti, access to clean water inspires change

Tue February 25, 2014

What a great year we had!

Last year we provided clean water to:
52,729 individuals

What a great year we had!

Wed February 19, 2014

Advocacy Day 2014


Advocacy Day 2014 is being held on March 13th in Washington, DC.  This is a day when advocates of safe drinking water, hygiene education and sanitation will meet with Congressional offices to share with them the need for greater leadership when it comes to WASH services.  If you are an advocate for the implementation…

Advocacy Day 2014

Fri January 03, 2014

What's Your Watermark?

Jenneth Fleckenstein wants you to make your watermark.

This could mean donating to clean water nonprofits, reducing bottled water use or decreasing water consumption through more efficient behaviors.


What's Your Watermark?

Tue December 31, 2013

We Must Do More!


It costs only about $75 to give a lifetime of health and hope to one person.

In 2013 we gave health and hope to more than 80,000 people in Haiti and Honduras simply by…

Mon December 23, 2013

Joy, peace, and prosperity


Fri December 20, 2013

What is waterborne disease?


In the developing world, waterborne disease is commonly caused by animals and humans defecating in or near surface water. The water becomes contaminated with a host of bacterial, viral, and parasitic organisms, and without adequate purification it is very likely to make humans sick if they drink it.


Thu December 19, 2013

Give water, give life

"I am no longer afraid that tomorrow my children will die."

"I am Mrs. Paul Anthony, and I have lived in Bouda Chita my entire life

"Many people…