What’s Your Watermark?

Jenneth Fleckenstein wants you to make your watermark.

Jen in HondurasThis could mean donating to clean water nonprofits, reducing bottled water use or decreasing water consumption through more efficient behaviors.

Fleckenstein, who manages marketing for Clear Water Filtration (CWF) and is a class II water operator, was appointed to the Pure Water for the World Board of Directors last month. She’s working on a project called “What’s your watermark?” – a CWF challenge campaign that aims to provoke positive water action by businesses and individuals.

“We spend a lot of time on the negatives when talking about water issues,” she said in a recent phone interview from her office in Warren, Vt. “But we need to bring attention to the positive effect people have on the environment and empower them to do something different, but in a positive way.”

And that’s exactly what Watermark hopes to do. By means of social media, video documentary and apparel sales, Clear Water Filtration wants to spark increased water awareness. Individuals and business that make positive water behavior changes or commit to supporting water access worldwide will earn Watermark merchandise and access to a special Watermark seal – a certification that denotes a business or individual has made a step toward improving the environmental state of water.

Clear Water Filtration was Pure Water for the World’s first corporate sponsor and donates $25 from each new CWF water system installation. Fleckenstein explained that CWF has always focused on water quality locally in Vermont but has, in the past several years, expanded focus to global water issues as well.

“As water becomes a larger issue for the world due to lack of safe water and scarcity issues, we’ve realized through our expertise and our own curiosity and passion for water that each person can and should be aware of how water works, where it comes from and how to protect it,” she said. “We want to lead by example and that is why we support Pure Water for the World.”

The trailer for “What’s Your Watermark “gives a glimpse into the issues and opportunities that the full documentary will show. With the documentary and campaign set to launch around World Water Day, March 22, 2014, Clear Water Filtration and Pure Water for the World hope you’ll consider your own watermark and commit to being a steward of this valuable resource.