What a great year we had!

PWW Haiti low-res web J Barker-3061Last year we provided clean water to:
52,729 individuals
1,758 homes
191 schools

We installed
2,059 sustainable water filters

We taught
1,441 community members about
safe hygiene, sanitation, and water storage.

And we provided high-level training
to representatives of 37 organizations in Haiti, so that they can teach others.


That last point is big.

In partnership with the Centre for Affordable Water Technology (CAWST), we’ve established a new Water Expertise Training Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Here, we provide in-depth instruction in the implementation of sustainable water projects, good hygiene practices, sanitation, and safe water handling to other NGOs throughout the Caribbean region.

Never have we had such an opportunity to extend our reach, and we’re thrilled and grateful to have this opportunity, with the help of CAWST.

Haiti and Honduras are very different places, both geographically and socially. However, we’ve found that the programs and methods we’ve used in one country can be effectively applied to the other.

For instance, the remote and rugged terrain of Honduras has always dictated that we serve an entire community at one time for the sake of efficiency. By contrast the emergency following the earthquake in Haiti was more akin to putting out fires than efficiently serving communities. With that emergency behind us, we can focus on whole communities — particularly those communities now suffering from the cholera outbreak.

The impact of this change of approach has been huge, because it means we can virtually stamp out cholera in a community in a matter of weeks or months. That ability has saved countless lives and prevented immense suffering.

We are very proud of the impact we’ve had in both Haiti and Honduras. We couldn’t do it without the support of people like you.

With deep thanks and best regards,

Carolyn Crowley Meub
Executive Director

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