Pure Water Trickles Down

Lady without filterEvery week, a five-gallon jug of clean water makes its way to Trojes, Honduras. The bulky blue container sloshes its way down the mountain as the rickety four-by-four carrying it bumps over rocks and skids in thick, deep mud.

It isn’t an easy journey, but it’s a welcome, life-saving gift from a young man to his grandmother. She can’t afford to buy safe water, so her family sends her a supply each week after it’s been purified through a Pure Water for the World biosand filter.

The benefits from Pure Water filters reach far beyond the households in which they are installed. We’re working hard to bring clean water to as many families as possible in Haiti and Honduras. And we know that families with access to filtered water ensure that its benefits are shared as much as possible.

Please join us in sharing the benefits of clean water this World Water Day, knowing that every dollar has far-reaching, life-saving impact.