Celebrating American Independence Day in Honduras

Trip Memories from Katie Reed

P1280687On the 4th of July, Michael and I were missing all things American – hamburgers, apple pie, fireworks, etc. The team remedied this problem with a pork cookout in the office driveway!

The day began with English class where we played a game called “Guess the American City”. I picked big well known cities like New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, etc. The team did surprisingly well; and I think they had fun too!

The World Cup game came on that afternoon. Since the team had done a 3 day (overnight) trip to a community far far away, they deserved a little R&R on a Friday afternoon. We watched as Argentina beat Colombia in the semi-finals.

The 8 pound hunk of pork was a beast that was tackled during the second half. It would have been perfect for a slow roasting BBQ, but we were working with limited time and hungry people. It was sliced into strips and marinated in a variety of flavors.

Grills are hard to come by here, so the guys took various types of metal and formed something. They used cedar wood instead of charcoal and an air compressor to keep it burning.

We all ate the meat as soon as it would come off the grill. Pork rolled in a corn tortilla with salad in a spicy dressing and sometimes ketchup. It was very delicious. As long as you got parts that you could chew, the meat was flavorful; a nice charred outside and juicy inside.

The team bonded as we ate pork right off the “grill”. I am so glad we get to work with such good people during our volunteer stint in Trojes!

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