Six WASH inequality facts you should know this Blog Action Day

It’s Blog Action Day – a day that calls thousands of bloggers from more than 100 countries to come together for global dialogue. This year, the topic is inequality.

It’s not hard to imagine the stark inequalities associated with water, sanitation and hygiene access around the world. And this Blog Action Day, Pure Water for the World highlights just a few.

  1. Twelve percent of the world’s population, all of whom live in industrialized countries, consumes85 percent of its water.
  2. Some of the poorest households in the world pay as much as 10 times more for water than wealthy households.
  3. In Nicaragua, it can cost MORE money to buy a bottle of water than it does to buy a bottle of Coke.
  4. There are actually more people without access to sanitation in the world today than there were in 1990, largely linked to slow access rates and rapid population growth.
  5. Menstrual hygiene management has been widely neglected in WASH provision in homes, schools and public toilet facilities, impacting girls’ and women’s education, health and dignity.
  6. In South Asia, the poorest fifth of the population is 13 times less likely to have access to improved sanitation than the rest of the population.

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