Life of a Trojes Volunteer: Michael Reed

It’s in part thanks to our volunteers that Pure Water for the World is able to deliver cost-effective, impactful programming.  Pure Water for the World volunteers have been invaluable both in the U.S. and in our field offices in Haiti and Honduras.

 Since April 2014, Michael Reed and his wife Katie have been based in Trojes, working to provide valuable technical assistance. With training in chemical engineering and Spanish, the former Dow Chemical Company engineer has been making waves in Honduras. His projects range from chemical testing to rainwater harvesting to small-town water system scoping, bringing valued expertise and innovation to our Trojes programming.

Michael Writes:

SAM_0225One of my biggest projects is a study to determine the impact of the quality of water from biosand filters that have been abandoned, especially those left dormant in schools during the three-month winter break. In cooperation with our technical advisory partners at the Centre for Affordable Water Technology, we’re testing different types of filters to find the best technology for schools’ unique use patters and needs.

I am also leading the development of Pure Water’s rainwater harvesting programming. Trojes experiences a six-month rainy season, and rainwater harvesting can capture this free and accessible resource to be used for daily water needs at a later time. I have sized and scoped out a pilot project for a rural school, which will provide accessible and safe water for cooking, drinking, handwashing and latrine flushing.

In addition to these projects, I am also working with several area small towns to improve their water distribution and treatment systems. Still in its initial stages, we’re working with local and national government entities as well as international donors. This new area of programming will help expand Pure Water’s reach to more concentrated communities in Trojes, often neglected by municipal water service providers.


These are just a few of the projects I have been able to work on so far, and I feel privileged to be able to participate in so many different elements of Pure Water’s work – to see projects from start to finish. Pure Water is offering me unique experiences in a field in which I hope to build my future career. I am happy to help and learn all I can about sustainable water filtration technologies in developing countries.

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