Four ways donor dollars will make a difference this #GivingTuesday with Pure Water

Whether it’s changing the life of an individual or enabling the spread of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) knowledge across continents, contributions to Pure Water for the World’s efforts this #GivingTuesday will have a profound, lasting impact.

1. They’ll change the life of people like Luis.

Luis Rodriguez knows the power of pure water. His community, Arenales Abajo, partnered with Pure Water in 2010, and Luis received a biosand filter for his home. Using it consistently, he saw his family’s health improve and his children suffer from fewer water-borne illnesses. But when he moved, he couldn’t bring his filter with him. Because of the weight of the filter and the need to protect the bio mass, it’s necessary for it to stay where it was installed, becoming a part of the home and used by the next family to live there.

Luis moved to San Antonio de Buena Vista – a community recently partnered with Pure Water. During the kickoff community meeting, Luis was the first to stand up. He was a community agent in Arenales Abajo, and he enthusiastically described the health improvements his family and neighbors experienced through the partnership. Now a WASH leader in San Antonio, he’s working to ensure that his new community experiences the clean water benefits he knows so well.

2. They’ll bring lifesaving services to communities like San Antonio de Buena Vista.

Pure Water has worked in Trojes, Honduras for five years. Virtually ignored by government services, communities like San Antonio de Buena Vista receive no national or municipal support for WASH programming. Through a partnership initiated by community members themselves, Pure Water has provided San Antonio’s 30 homes with biosand filters, latrine materials and construction training where needed, and comprehensive hygiene education.

In total, our impact in Trojes has been widespread. To date, we’ve reached 82 villages with nearly 4,000 filters, 1,266 latrines and 371 hygiene education workshops. More than 18,400 people have experienced lasting change. But, there are still more than 150 communities in Trojes that we have yet to reach. And we’re committed to staying in the region until each family can access WASH programming.

3. They’ll build local WASH capacity.

Pure Water is the proud host organization of two Water Expertise and Training (WET) Centers – institutions that provide WASH education, training, and technical support to local organizations and individuals. Managed by the Canadian-based Centre for Affordable Water Technology (CAWST), our Haiti and Honduras WET Centers help organizations execute their WASH projects in an effective, replicable and sustainable way.

The mentoring and coaching delivered through our WET Centers have more than doubled Pure Water’s impact. They allow us to share our knowledge and learn from other organizations so that our programs grow and evolve to be as effective as possible. CAWST operates WET Centers in eight countries across three continents, fostering global capacity building.

4. They’ll contribute to a worldwide movement.

In the U.S. we give thanks on Thanksgiving Thursday and get retail deals on Black Friday. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving – Giving Tuesday – is a global day dedicated to giving back. On December 2nd this year, nonprofits, businesses, communities and individuals around the world will come together to celebrate generosity and to give.

Pure Water is one of those nonprofits, and we ask that you join us on #GivingTuesday and make a difference in the lives of more than 500 Hondurans

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