Cité Soleil…etched in my heart.

As told by Susan Thomas

IMG_6922Three years ago, I went to Haiti to work with Pure Water for the World to help install simple bio-sand water filter systems in homes and in schools in Haiti. We did that.

But there was one area that we went to that has not left my heart…Cité Soleil.  This place is the poorest, worst slum in the Western Hemisphere. We were advised to wear no jewelry, carry no cash, to stay together and our stop would be a brief one!  Then each of us got a shirt with the PWW logo in huge letters. We were told to wear them into that area. The explanation to “why” was simple: Cité Soleil residents trusted Pure Water because they knew we wanted to provide clean water to them.

This next year, my 4th year going to Haiti, IF we raise enough money…$300.00 for each 6-member family home, with education and maintenance…1,000 families will have water filter systems in their homes!!!

I remember those questioning eyes of small children…who were hungry, dirty and drinking filthy water from a contaminated well. Do they still live? Some probably…not all.

$300.00 per 6-person family…that is not so much.

Children may be poor…but they should not have to die due to contaminated water.

I am taking my PWW shirt with me in February to Cité Soleil…but this time with a wonderful and happy message…”We are here to give you clean water filter systems!”

$300.00…not so much for 6 lives…