We All Stood and Cheered

As Told by Randy Thompson

building chalk boardsI have been going to Haiti for six years now. Along the way I have received a treasure trove of memories that warm my heart. One of them was just outside a school in Cité Soleil. We had a group of folks on a due diligence trip (you should consider going on one) to look at a filter installation in a school.  The Pure Water staff was also good enough to arrange for a service project for the school where we would build chalk boards.

Once we cut the frames, I took the one I was working on outside since the school was hot and crowded. I was nailing the frame together when I noticed a young boy about nine or so looking very curious. I motioned for him to join me and together we drove another nail in the frame. When we were done, we stood up and cheered. That attracted others to our project, both adults and children. Everybody got a chance to drive a nail in the frame and each time we did, we all stood and cheered. It was a heartwarming and joyful.

I think that my nail driving experience is similar to what Pure Water for the World does every day for people. We all gather round the “water problem” and together we drive nails into it. When we are done, we all stand and cheer. Everybody who participates is better off and everybody’s heart is warmed.

I hope that you will join us in our clean water endeavors and help the people in Cité Soleil and Haiti. You, and they, will be better off because of it…and we can all stand and cheer together!