There is True Heart and Real Hope in Haiti

As told by Paul Sofka

When I visited Cité Soleil for the first time, on a Pure Water for the World volunteer trip in October 2012, I saw the deplorable conditions that many families were living in.

PWW Haiti low-res web J Barker-3350While there, I visited an old water well site. Water was being pumped from a distant well into an open cement container. Using plastic buckets, people carried this untreated water back home for personal use. Due to their culture and upbringing, locals typically are unaware of unsafe hygiene practices and its negative impact on their water supply and, consequently, on their health. They drink this water. And, without fully understanding why, it makes them very sick, and even causes death.

Later in my day, about 25 school children, who were living in Cité Soleil under these appalling conditions, entertained the eight of us from the United States with a band concert. After seeing all of these kids (12 to 16 years old) arrive in their best clothing, along with the band director, playing their hearts out with their old musical instruments, we were all moved to tears.

Before I left that site, I knew that these kids were the hope for Haiti, and I made a commitment to do everything that I can to assist Pure Water for the World in bringing them the basic necessity of clean water and give them hope for a better life!

I ask that you join me by donating today. Support the heart in Haiti and help bring the hope for a brighter future.