Sent with Love

Originally shared on December 21, 2011. 

When the earthquake struck Haiti almost two years ago, there was an outpouring of aid from around the world. People donated and aid agencies responded with much needed help. You could see the generosity of the world in the tents provided to the displaced, some from China, Bolivia, the United States and Rotary International.  It was heartwarming to see the world step up in the face of such devastation.

My church was touched by the suffering caused by the earthquake but also caused by Haiti’s chronic poverty. I had been to Haiti in October of 2009 and have since traveled there after the quake. I brought back pictures and stories of the suffering but also of the strength and resilience of the people forced to endure such difficult conditions. We were moved to help. For the past two years we have taken up a collection during advent for Pure Water for the World. We believe that they are doing important work in helping improve people’s lives and their health.

heart rocks with ribbon-6398This year, in addition to financial support, we undertook a goal of making 1,500 health kits that could be given out to graduates of PWW’s hygiene training classes. Our entire church got behind the project, dropping off kits on Sundays. We also had an all church work day one Saturday where we packed kits in the gym.  It has been a good project that many people have helped with.

Yesterday I was boxing the kits, getting them ready to ship. We were able to make about 1,800 in all and you can see by the picture, they made a pretty big mound.   We hope that they help protect some families in Haiti from cholera and other nasty water borne diseases.

While packing, one of the kits fell open and a small red paper heart fell out. On it was written “sent with love”. It is my hope that each one of the people who receive a kit is helped by knowing that someone in Houston, Texas cares about them. It is also my hope that the world will not forget Haiti and continue to lift them up with love and support.