Never Give Up!

P1020072It is very common for community leaders or volunteers to visit our Trojes office requesting us to work in their community. We request that they complete our forms for community data which they return when completed. There is currently a waiting list of over 50 communities in line for us to work in. All of these communities have approached us and are committed to doing their part so that their community receives clean water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Francisco López Rodruigez is one of these frequent visitors. He is the health guard ( volunteer) for the community of Nueva Esperanza de Capire. This community does have water but it is contaminated and even though he promotes chlorination as much as he can, it is difficult for the community members to follow through. Diarrhea is also very common and the nearest health center is over 2 hours away.

Even though Nueva Esperanza de Capire is more than 2 hours away from the PWW office in Trojes, Francisco visits the office regularly to see if we can help.

Soon we will have good news for Francisco as we are starting to fundraise for his community! The dedication of Francisco and his community will have a lasting impact on all who live there.