A Water Photo Story- Sustainable Solutions that Bring Change!

As told by Mario Goeb:

Pure Water has worked in many Trojes schools providing latrines, hand-washing stations and filters. When working in these schools, many had access to water. However, over time the hoses providing this water to the schools ruptured and in many cases, the communities lacked the funding to replace them.

We then decided on a trial project of putting PVC piping in to replace the hoses as well as constructing small intake boxes at the water source to ensure LONG TERM access to water in schools. The pilot project focused on installing 12 of these systems in schools. The project was a success and this part of our work is now included in current and future projects in schools.

Below is a photo story showing how one school now has long term access to clean water for their filters, latrines and handwashing stations all because of sustainable solutions!

intake box

The intake box at the source

laying the pvc pipes

Community members help dig the ditch from the source to the school and lay the piping.

don t forget to connect them jajaja

Making sure the piping is all connected!

water access to schools for the LONG TERM

This school now has improved and sustainable access to water.

proud project leader Rony

Our staff members, like Rony ( pictured), are proud of their hard work and the change it brings to these school kids!