Water Stories…as told by Moms.

This Mother’s Day, we would like to highlight the stories of water that have been told by mothers in Haiti and Honduras. Their stories tell of the need and the impact being made in their lives and the lives of their children and families.

San Ramon 2A Story of Health

Sonia Esperanza Velasquez lives in San Ramon 2, in Trojes, Honduras. This 31 year old wife and mother of 3 has been living with her family in this community for 15 years. She said that before Pure Water for the World intervention, their kids used to have infections and gastric diseases.

She is amazed as to how the filter has improved their health. They no longer suffer from diarrhea. She said that the filter became really important in their lives and they thank Pure Water for the World for their involvement in the entire community.

Cite Soleil projectWater Means More Than Money

One of the first beneficiaries of the Cite Soleil project, Acci Rosny, was gracious and willing to share what it means to her to have a safe water filter in her home. Mrs. Rosny, the matriarch of nine in her multigenerational home, spoke passionately about having clean water.

“Life is more important than money,” she said. “I need to protect the life of my family, and with clean water my family is protected.”

Mrs. Rosny spent every day walking 25 minutes to a public water source; the closest clean water source to her home. Once there, it might take an hour or more to collect water, as many other people also came for the water.

With her new filter, Mrs. Rosny will save significant time every day, as she will be able to walk to a closer site to get water. She has peace of mind knowing that the filter will clean the water and make it safe for her family.

Another benefit Mrs. Rosny mentioned was that she no longer had to spend 25 Haitian Gourdes ($.53 USD) to purchase a bucket of water. She will now be saving that money for other necessities she could not afford before the filter.

Santa rosa familyHealthy Water= Healthy Kids

Marilu Olivera Palma lives in Santa Rosa de las Quebradas. She has 4 children: 2 sons and 2 daughters.

“Before, I was very anxious about my children’s health. Often, we had to go to the doctor for diarrhea, parasites and respiratory diseases. This was because we consumed contaminated water.

Nowadays, thanks to the Biosand filters project from Pure Water for the World, I feel that this problem is over because the children don’t have parasites or diarrheas anymore. Now we drink safe water.

I feel more confident thanks to Pure Water for the World’s trainings; they improved a lot my family’s hygiene habits.”