Safe Water Solutions Bring Long-Term Results in Honduras

Water can only be truly safe when all family members are using the clean water filters, in combination with with safe hygiene practices, correctly, consistently, and continuously.

Your donation is a long-term investment in the families, schools and communities we serve. As a general part of all implemented safe water solutions, our in-country teams regularly supervise and monitor communities served, to ensure tools and practices are being used effectively. Teams analyze results for continued learning and process improvement.

Following are the results of a two-community monitoring study, one-year post-installation, completed in 2014 in Trojes, Honduras. The study reflects a random sampling of 15% of the homes in each community:

  • 100% of the filters are continuing to be used consistently and correctly.
  • 93% of families are storing water safely, using safe storage containers to store their filtered water and using hygienic methods of removing the water from these containers.
  • 100% of the families are using safe hygiene practices in accordance with the hygiene education program.
  • 100% of families with latrines have ceased using open defecation practices and all latrines are fully functional.
  • Improved community health. 93% perceived improved health among their families. In the 15 days prior to the survey, zero homes reported cases of diarrhea and only one home reported a case of stomach pain in the family.
“Operational filters and latrines, in combination with improved hygiene habits, have had a noticeable effect on community health,” shares Maria Inestroza, Honduras Country Director. “The livelihoods of our beneficiaries have been improved drastically. With continued education we can only expect future communities to improve. Pure Water for the World has proven that, with continuous follow-up and resulting adjustments to the program, we put every donor dollar to best possible use.”