Teenage Volunteer Shares Her Honduras Experience

In June, 8 teens and 11 adults traveled with Pure Water for the World to volunteer by installing water filters and latrines in rural communities in the mountainous Trojes region of Honduras. Upon their return, we spoke with one of the teens on the trip…15-year old Gabrielle, a rising high school sophomore student from Texas.

PWW:You just returned from a working trip with Pure Water for the World to install water filters and latrines in Honduras. Please tell me a little about your experience.

Gabrielle: We went into communities outside of Trojes and installed water filters because the families don’t have clean water. We broke into groups and went to about 60 different homes in total.

It was an eye-opener. They have practically nothing. But, they are happy. Just with life. Now, they have clean water! We have so much in the US and are often not happy.

PWW: What is one of your favorite memories of the trip?

Gabrielle: We went to one of the homes and their little boys had just hiked back from school. I gave them little toys cars. They knew the word “fast” and so we raced the cars, fast. It felt amazing and was a lot of fun racing those cars with them.

PWW: What was your favorite part of the work?

Gabrielle: Getting to meet all of the people and changing their lives.

PWW: What was your least favorite part?

Gabrielle: We went to build latrines in schools. My least favorite thing was to see that they were going to the bathroom in a ditch. That was really hard. But, we built the latrines and painted them bright blue and made them really nice.

PWW: What did you learn during your time that you didn’t know before?

Gabrielle: I learned how very little they have. I didn’t’ realize they were going to live in a home with 2 walls and a tin roof. And, yet, they always have a smile. I thought it would be hard to communicate with them, but they just laughed and joined us. The locals wanted to get in there and help us and learn how to do it.

I also learned that the kids have to hike to school.

PWW: What was your experience with the local Pure Water team?

Gabrielle: You can see how much they love the community members. They are really hands-on, and they loved to teach us. They are really involved with the community.

PWW: Would you recommend this trip to others? Why or why not?

Gabrielle: I would. I think that teenagers here think that they don’t have enough, and nothing satisfies them. This trip humbles people and opens their eyes to the world.

PWW: What would you say about your experience to others looking to volunteer a week in Honduras?

Gabrielle: How beautiful the country was. The mountains you can’t even describe. Everything is green. Meeting the people and getting to do the work makes you feel so good. You have pride that you are changing others’ lives.

Thank you so much to Gabrielle and all of the other volunteers on our recent trip to Honduras. Your hard work, commitment and support will change lives forever!