World Water Week- Water and Development

The basis to building a more sustainable future essentially boils down to one component­– water. For the sake of our lives, livelihoods and all other living things, we need water and without it children die and families suffer.

JJeziorski-PWW-Haiti-May-2013-small-wm-121For the past 25 years, the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in Stockholm hosts and organizes an event called World Water Week. The event addresses the planets water issues while also coming up with a plan for an international development of a better future.

For this year’s event, 2015, the theme rests on the idea of Water for Development. According to SIWI the event has attracted over 3,000 participants and 270 convening organizations from 130 countries all over the world that all have similar concerns and plans for a better future.

Water for Development puts a great deal of emphasis on creation of water related goals that can be effectively implemented, measured and carried out.

Along with many other non-profit organizations, Pure Water for the World (PWW) is fully supportive and involved in World Water Week and its theme.

Our mission here at PWW is to improve the health and livelihood of children and families in the developing world by partnering with communities to establish safe water solutions.

A large focus of ours is on community development where our health promoters work with an entire community, serving all families to vastly improve the livelihood for all. PWW not only monitors solutions but finds it equally important to provide an extensive follow up to ensure long-term efficacy. We bring solutions that match individual community needs and educate members living there, empowering them with the tools and knowledge to continue to have safe, clean water for generations to come.

To learn more ways PWW is playing a role in water development you can visit our website at