Getting Ready for Global Handwashing Day!

We hear about millions of kids who don’t live long enough to have a 5th birthday due to unsanitary conditions that cause diarrhea and stomach parasites in their little bodies. Without the proper education and resources these children will continue to suffer.

The worst part about this situation is that all of these conditions and diseases can easily be prevented with a few small changes. One of these changes is as simple as washing hands with soap and water.

As the countdown begins to Global Handwashing Day, October 15, Pure Water for the World is planning several activities leading up to the day.

Last year the Pure Water team visited two schools in the Trojes area, working with grades first through sixth. In doing so they made a lot of progress while also having a lot of fun with the kids.

During the visit they encouraged and showed kids how to practice proper hand washing techniques and taught them a fun tune to go along with it called La Bamba.

The kids also enjoyed playing all sorts of games that included the components of proper hand washing. The kids received coloring books with lessons about proper hygiene and staying healthy.

By creating this type of awareness in schools, Pure Water hopes see all children celebrate their 5thbirthday in Trojes and all throughout Honduras.

So far the PWW team has started to kick off their activities leading up to Global Handwashing Day in Honduras by going around to schools and talking about socialization, its purpose and what the activities are.

They have already met with three schools that will be participating in the competition. All those involved have a good understanding of what is expected and the reward if they are in fact a winner. The schools have also received materials to make a poster that will relate to Global Handwashing Day.

On Oct. 7, PWW staff visited the schools who participated to assess certain aspects: participation of the kids and community, what the kids have learned since their last visit, their poster content and design, cleanliness of the schools and of the kids, etc. PWW will then elect the school that has the highest score. They will participate in the handwashing day activities on Oct. 15.

Handwashing 2

Kids participate in Global Handwashing Day activities in Trojes, Honduras in 2014.

We look forward to sharing more about this year’s activities in the next week!

Written by Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern