Stories that Inspire!

Pure Water for the World (PWW) is very fortunate to have a diverse group of longtime donors, reoccurring donors, dedicated trip participants and a few young donors who simply want to see a difference being made in the world.

with signIt is our goal and mission to improve the health and livelihood of children and families in the developing world by partnering with communities to establish safe water solutions, improved sanitation and hygiene education. However, without the support from our advocates, donors, community members and staff members, the progress that is being made day in and day out, would not be possible.

Although we know what our sole purpose throughout the communities of Haiti and Honduras is, it is very refreshing to hear our donors and advocates tell their stories and explain why they keep contributing to such a cause.

Stay tuned. Coming up in the next few weeks PWW will be releasing a series of stories from a variety of donor’s and advocates. After hearing these inspiring stories, PWW hopes that others will learn how rewarding it is to contribute to this work.

Written by Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern