Why I Keep Going Back

Two years ago, Eric Johnson and a group of fellow Rotarians from his club in Tampa, Florida, were visiting Honduras for the first time on a volunteer trip with Pure Water for the World.

IMG_7145-2Their trip began with a visit to the local health clinic in Trojes. Eric and his peers learned that the patients in this hospital suffer the most from illnesses caused by unsanitary living conditions and unsafe drinking water. The sicknesses caused by lack of access to sanitation surprised Eric the most.

“It’s an eye-opener to grasp what other people deal with day in and day out,” Eric shares.

Eric learned a great deal during that first visit, and perspective on life were forever changed. He has since participated in three more trips to Honduras with PWW and is currently planning his fifth, scheduled for April of 2016. Because of his passion for this work, Eric enthusiastically encourages others to join him, regularly bringing members of his Rotary club to share in the experience.

Eric is grateful for all he has experienced on the trips with PWW. He is inspired and impressed by the fact that the PWW team is always looking for ways to better their work, from the building of latrines and water filters, to improving educational workshops and monitoring practices, to simply enhancing community relationships.

Eric appreciates the relationship PWW has with the people of Trojes, and he knows it didn’t happen overnight. Indeed, it has taken dedication, deep commitment and time to build the solid foundation of respect and trust that PWW and the people of Trojes enjoy.

“What sets PWW apart from other nonprofits is that the team and employees are continually going to the communities and checking in to make sure everything is still working,” states Eric.

“Their follow-up is amazing.”

Eric shares that it can be very difficult for people in America to really comprehend the meaning behind “water is life”. And, when one travels to a third world country that doesn’t have clean water day in and day out, it is much more clear that by simply giving less than a dollar a day, one can make such a huge impact on so many lives.

When asked about the impact of the trip for others who may be interested, Eric enthusiastically says, “It will absolutely change their whole perspective on humanity.”

Written by Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern