Her Purpose is to Help Others

Everyone has that one thing that makes him or her feel complete. For some, like Susan Thomas from Casper, WY, it’s contributing a great deal of time assisting others.

For many years she has been educating students who are at risk, both in and out of the classroom. She is also a dedicated member of Rotary. While at a Rotary meeting one day, Susan overheard someone talking about Pure Water for the World and the work they have done. After inquiring more information she became interested and felt the need to get involved.

“I will always have a purpose in this country and that is to help people get clean water,” Susan shares.

Susan, a member of the Haiti Committee for Pure Water for the World (PWW), is also a longtime supporter, advocate, and donor of PWW. Before visiting this year on October 9, Susan was very eager.

“I want to see the progress that has been made and I am very excited to see how the people are doing too,” she said as she prepared for the trip.

This trip marked the fourth time Susan has visited Haiti since being involved with PWW and she plans to make many more trips back.

Susan is a firm believer that water is a necessity a basic human right. It is something everyone should have access to whenever they need it and the fact that so many people don’t have it is alarming to her. “There is no reason people have to die because of dirty water, especially when there are so many people who are well, and able to help alleviate this situation, Susan exclaims.

A unique experience she had while on a trip to Haiti was a child coming up to her and comparing skin colors. She said this was definitely a huge learning experience for this child. “When you have a group of people coming around, it can be scary since you don’t know their intentions. But, once they see what is being done, they are very grateful.”

One of the many things Susan loves about working alongside PWW is their persistence at following up with the communities and constantly staying connected. She said this is how such a good relationship has been created and maintained.

“No matter the obstacle we keep on keeping on. We keep going back to make sure everything is moving along,” Susan affirms.

Susan and Nathalie

Susan, left, and her niece Nathalie recently traveled to Haiti as part of a PWW trip.

Written by Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern