Young and Making a Difference!

Written by Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern

HenryMost fifth grade boys are filling up their piggy bank in order to buy the coolest remote control car on the market or the latest Xbox game everyone is raving about.

However, Henry, an 11-year old boy from Colorado, is not your typical fifth grader.

After saving up his piggy bank money, he made the brave decision to put that money toward something that is really going to make a difference in the world.

Last year, after hearing that just $25 could change the future and even save the life of another child like him, Henry decided to donate his money, saved to purchase a Lego kit, to Pure Water for the World during a holiday campaign for Cite Soleil. After hearing Henry’s responses as to why he donated his money it’s very clear that he is very mature for his age, and can see that others in the world really need extra help. If everyone could be brave like Henry, and consider donating even just a penny a day, drastic changes would be seen worldwide.

Here are Henry’s responses after being interviewed about his contribution to Pure Water for the World:

What have you done so far to help contribute to Pure Water for the Worlds efforts?

I gave money.

What do you think about people not having access to clean water?

I think it’s really sad because everyone should have clean water.

What about the fact that there are children who are the same age as you who don’t have clean water?

It’s really sad that they get sick and die from not having clean water.

Why did you get involved with helping at first and will you continue?

Because so little money could make such a big difference.

Why do you enjoy helping this cause?

Because I want people to have clean water and not die from waterborne illnesses.

Do you think you would possibly like to go on one of the trips to volunteer when you get older and why or why not?

Yes. Because I want to help people have good water.

What are your hopes for the future of these families and children?

That they have clean water, better health and feel good.

Do you think more people should help out with causes like this and why?

Yes because there is a lot of money on the planet and it can be used to save lives.