Today is…World Toilet Day!

By: Kaylee Pratt, PWW Intern
Imagine living in a world without toilets…

Now that you have that in mind imagine a world where more people own a cell phone than access to a toilet or latrine. While this may sounds disconcerting, it’s also very true.

According to WaterAid, more than 2.3 billion lack access to a safe, clean, private toilet.

On November 19, World Toilet Day is a global observance day developed by the United Nations that focuses on the very serious sanitation problem the world is facing, mostly in rural areas.

School latrine and WASH in San RamonPure Water for the World (PWW), is one of many nonprofits targeting this issue not just on Nov 19, but everyday. More specifically, PWW is dedicated to bringing sanitation to some of the most underserved areas of Honduras. Latrines are in fact one of the major tools we implement.

There is a great need for sanitation facilities in Honduras. They have no safe place to dispose of human waste at home or at school. Their situation creates a significant health and safety hazard for the children and their families


This World Toilet Day, let’s all remember to be grateful for the sanitation facilities we have, and look for ways to help those who are not as fortunate. You never know when there will be an opportunity to help…so stay tuned!