1070 Project

Three high school students from Vermont traveled to Haiti in October of 2015 on a volunteer trip with Pure Water for the World. They spent five days actively learning about the country, the culture, the people and the water situation. They experienced a glimpse of the struggles and intense poverty so many families in Haiti face every day.

While in Haiti, Hannah, age 17, shared, “It’s a crazy concept that, in America, we can flip a switch and have clean water. Here, they spend hours just to get unclean water.”

On their final day, the three students spent their time installing biosand water filters in family’s homes in Cité Soleil, one of the most impoverished communities in the Western Hemisphere. This was a pivotal day for them, and that evening they came together and made a plan.

The three young women could have simply had their five-day experience and then gone back to life as busy high school students in Vermont. However, that is not what happened. They were determined to take their new found knowledge, share it with others in the States, and use it raise money to help more Haitian families.

These determined and motivated students did not aim low. They crafted an ambitious plan to change the future of 1,070 families in Haiti who are suffering from debilitating and deadly illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water. They would raise money to give these families life-changing, biosand water filters. Now home in Vermont, they are in full execution mode.

With the success of donor meetings, corporate donations, and an online and social media campaign, these three young women are well on their way to reaching their $80,200 goal.

They welcome your help. Consider making a contribution and/or sharing their story with your community. 100% of the money raised will go directly to Pure Water for the World to fund biosand water filters for 1070 families.

To support their tremendous efforts and contribution, Pure Water for the World will fund the hygiene education, training and monitoring components of the solution.

The result of these combined efforts…1,070 families will have life-changing, sustainable and reliable access to safe water.

Visit the 1070 Project page to watch their video and learn how you can help them reach their goal!