YOU made it happen!

Today, we honor YOU…a truly inspiring and generous group of passionate donors and fundraisers. Your outpouring of support in November and December means over 300 more families in Haiti and Honduras will experience a much healthier 2016, filled with new hope and opportunities.

Haiti-Buda Chita-1609December 1, 2015 (GivingTuesday) was a transformative day for 110 families in three very rural communities in Trojes, Honduras. You helped raise more than $25,000 in one day! Our generous donor match was exceeded! Thanks to your combined efforts, this year these 110 families will experience the life-changing benefits their new latrines will provide…safe hygiene, a healthy environment, personal health and dignity! Work will begin on this project in February. Check out our Facebook page and blog for regular updates and photos!

Your support of our work went well beyond GivingTuesday. In the months of November and December, YOU extended our reach into the cholera-stricken community of Bouda Chita, Haiti. Safe water and hygiene will change the future for more than 200 more families. Implementation will begin in February. Once completed, we will have reached over half of the families in this very rural and mountainous community. We will keep you updated on our progress, the results, and our continued work to serve all 2,000 families.

YOU are the real catalyst. YOU make the work we do possible. You are saving and changing lives forever! We cannot thank you enough for your continued passion and generosity.

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