For the Love of Water

By Nathalie Pratt

We love water. A quick online search about humans and water reveals countless articles about our species’ deep connection with this most precious element. From fulfilling our physical body’s most basic requirements, to the multifaceted emotional benefits it supports, water is essential to our survival and plays a critical role in our ability to prosper.

The (perhaps obvious) health benefits to water. Roughly 60% of our body is comprised of water. Water is vital to our survival. It carries nutrients through our bodies. It regulates body temperature. It removes toxins and waste. It supports essential organs, including our brain, which is made up of about 75% water.

The (perhaps lesser well-known) psychological benefits to water. There are countless scientific studies supporting the health benefits water provides beyond the physical body itself, touching into the emotional mind and spirit of our beings. In traditional medicine, the element of water is considered essential for balancing the emotional body and creating inner harmony.

Across the globe, we cherish water. We seek out water sources for reasons well beyond physical health. We vacation at beaches and play in oceans; we splash in rivers; we frolic in seas; children jump with joy into puddles of freshly fallen rainwater. The act of bathing has long been used as a form of deep relaxation and stress reduction.

This fundamental and beloved element is not readily available to all of us. An estimated 780 million people do not have access to a safe water source. And, 2.5 billion people have no access to improved sanitation, further compromising water sources. For these children and families, water comes with dangerous contaminants, resulting in devastating health consequences.

Pure Water for the World is on a mission to change this. Working with communities to bring clean water, healthy hygiene and safe sanitation solutions, Pure Water for the World is empowering families with the tools and foundation to safely and healthfully enjoy sustainable access to this most essential and cherished element…safe water.

Pure Water for the World can’t do it alone. They need your help.
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