Better Water, Better Jobs

By: Pure Water for the World

Honduras-1235Trojes, Honduras is home to many whose lives and livelihoods revolve around water and good weather. Many living in this extremely rural region depend upon a few months of good temperatures, sunshine and rain to help with their coffee harvest. Once the harvest is complete, they focus on agricultural farming to provide income until the next coffee harvest. Others living in this region provide for their families by raising cattle, which require significant water resources to grow and thrive, and selling them in the larger cities.


Families in rural Haitian communities, such as Trianon and Bouda Chita, are similar to those in Trojes. Their livelihood, primarily small subsistent farming, depends upon access to clean water. Without it, these families are forced to use contaminated water for drinking, cooking , hygiene habits and farming.

This World Water Day, the global focus is better water and it’s link to better jobs. ¬†Water plays a vital role in most workplace environments. Access to improved water not only results in better jobs but also improves the general health and wellbeing of workers.

What does better water mean for the families of Haiti and Honduras? Better water means healthy children who can go to school. When children are healthy, happy and educated the parents can focus on their work, thus bringing in more income for their families. Instead of spending money on traveling to a health clinic to treat a waterborne illness, they can invest that money in other things. Better water means happier, healthier, more prosperous families.

This World Water Day, join us in improving the workplace for thousands of families in Haiti and Honduras. There is much that can be done. Learn more, donate, and share!

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