Mother-Daughter Volunteers Share The Impact Of Their Experiences

robin and ellieRobin Hall and her teenage daughter, Ellie, spent a week volunteering with PWW in Haiti last October. The week was powerful for both of them and has created lasting change in their lives back home in Vermont.

Ellie partnered with the two other teens from the trip to create an impressive fundraising campaign with an ambitious goal of raising funds to bring clean water filters to 1,070 homes in Haiti. This project has opened so many doors for the girls, including meetings with business leaders, politicians, Rotarians and more. (Learn more about the 1070 project)

We recently asked Robin to share about this mother/daughter experience.

Why did you choose to go on a volunteer trip with Ellie to Haiti?

I thought it would be a great way to understand the mission of PWW and see things beyond our world.

What did you learn about Ellie during this trip? And about yourself as a mom?

Ellie is interested helping others. In our everyday world, that compassion is not always evident. But being in a place where there was so much need brought out that interest. And it became clear, when talking with the other students on the trip, that they could a make a difference by working together to raise money back home in Vermont.

I re-learned that some lessons are best experienced and not just described. My older daughter had gone to Haiti with a medical group a few years before and she was moved by that experience to study sociology in college and likely find a job helping others. Knowing about her work in Haiti made me think that Ellie and I would benefit from being part of a trip there with PWW.

Would you recommend this type of a trip to other moms and daughters/sons?

Absolutely! Because of its lasting effect. The impact of the experience extends beyond the days that we were in Haiti. We regularly talk about the people we met. The girls have dedicated time to raising money by talking to business leaders, politicians, family friends, and Rotary groups. I think their experience has raised awareness of the problems that Haiti has and moved people to do something. And perhaps that awareness will prompt another family to go to Haiti and/or raise money for clean water there.

Any other advice you would offer fellow moms?

Travel is awesome because everyone is outside their routine and daily interests. Traveling to Haiti is extraordinary because the mission to get clean water to the people you see is very clear.

Ellie shared her thoughts about the trip as well. “It was inspiring to see the excitement and gratitude in the families we helped when installing the filters.”

Ellie’s most impactful moment was when a good friend of PWW in Haiti asked them what they were going to do with the knowledge of the difficult conditions they saw. That conversation prompted their fundraising plan and has led them down a life-altering pathway of creating a positive impact on the lives of others. We are excited to see where she will take it from here!

Thank you to Robin and Ellie for sharing their passion to make a difference with PWW and with so many others. You are agents of change, and we are so grateful for your amazing enthusiasm and support!