What Makes Us Different?

Haiti-Buda Chita-1664There are so many organizations focused on clean water, that it can be difficult to understand what makes us different. The following highlights a few key qualities that differentiate PWW from other water organizations:

  1. Our in-country staff members are native to the communities they serve. They have strong, established relationships with local leaders.
  2. We have expertise in the development and implementation of effective WASH solutions specific to rural and underserved communities.
  3. We delivery high quality education and training programs. All PWW trainers are certified by independent agencies.
  4. Our Community Agent model means there is a group of committed community members acting as an extension of the PWW team. They are empowered with the tools and knowledge to maintain their communities’ safe water programs.
  5. Through our long-term monitoring and evaluation processes, we spend over two years measuring effectiveness, and making any necessary adjustments, to support correct, consistent and successful use of safe water and sanitation programs and practices.

Want to know more? Our recently updated website is a great source of information. Or you can also drop us an email anytime with questions.

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