Measuring Hygiene Behaviour in La Mosquitia Region of Honduras Via CAWST

Courtesy of CAWST

We are featuring news stories from leading WASH experts and organizations on Water-Blogged. Today’s feature is written by our partners at The Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology.


Photo courtesy of CAWST


Alongside UNICEF and our WET (Water Expertise and Training) Centre partners in Honduras, Pure Water for the World (PWW), who operate in Honduras as Agua Pura para el Mundo (APPM), CAWST is conducting a water, hygiene and sanitation behaviour study in schools and communities in La Mosquitia, a region recently made famous by the discovery of the fabled Lost City of the Monkey God.

Led by Maria Inestroza (APPM Director), our field team of local subject experts included Sabery Martinez (Municipality of Puerto Lempira) and myself (David Weatherill, CAWST). We travelled by plane and canoe to remote communities affected by water scarcity due to decades of neglect and recent climatic changes.

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