Being There for Those Who Need it Most…

By Byron Miller, Former PWW Board Member

Haitians existing on the brink have suffered yet another natural disaster. These are good and honest souls deserving a hand up. Compounding these disasters is their government which continues to fail them.

There are NGOs creating sustainable solutions for basic human needs, like safe drinking water, nutrition, shelter, and sanitation. Six years ago after the earthquake, with the aid of NGOs, Haitians pull themselves up and began life anew. The temporary tents that have become primary residences were no match for a category four hurricane. Safe drinking water, a daily challenge before, has become a desperate need.


Byron in Haiti in 2008

I was there one week after the quake and know the difficulties the Haitians face. With no resources and no help from their government it will be their grit, determination and assistance that will shepherd them through once again.

Pure Water for the World was there before the earthquake and helped people survive and rebuild their lives afterward. With our support, the good people of Haiti face and recover from this latest disaster.

Thank you Pure Water, you are the best!