Word Day of Social Justice

By Rachel Peck, Volunteer

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly declared February 20th to be the World Day of Social Justice. The goal of the Assembly was to highlight the need for sustainable economies, employment security and gender equality for all. The Assembly recognizes that without social justice, peace and the achievement of fundamental human rights for everyone is unattainable.

The United Nations (UN) asks that people observe the day by supporting the international efforts to eradicate poverty, promote gender equity and access to full, decent employment.

One of the greatest milestones for the UN, in regards to social justice, was the adoption of the Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, by the International Labour Organization.(ILO) The Declaration promotes the achievement of strategic objectives, including: employment, rights at work and social protection.

Join Pure Water for the World (PWW) in observing today as the World Day of Social Justice. To date, PWW has partnered with over 200 communities in Haiti and Honduras. Through their hygiene education, sanitation efforts and safe water filters, PWW has helped improve the human rights and quality of life for more than 750,000 people. With thousands of people without access to basic human needs, such as clean water, toilet facilities and safe hygienic practices, PWW recognizes the need for social justice in the most basic capacities; the right to live and work in a safe and equitable environment. It is for this reason PWW feels strongly about empowering communities in Haiti and Honduras-from providing gender specific latrines and menstrual hygiene workshops, helping children of all ages attend school, to providing leadership roles to all community members within their communities. Learn how you can join and be part of making a difference