Rainwater Harvesting: Optimizing Nature’s Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting is an option that should be considered when planning an improved water supply system for a residence or community. Depending on local needs and conditions, rainwater harvesting could provide a complementary or alternative water supply.

As part of our WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training and consulting services in Honduras, we recently added a Rainwater Harvesting training program. In Honduras and other parts of Central America, there are numerous communities that do not have a reliable source of water. Residents depend on either government assistance or on the rain.

The rainwater harvesting workshop provides instruction on the concept and technology of rainwater harvesting for domestic use and how it fits into the global vision of an appropriate supply in developing countries, both in rural and urban settings.

Topics addressed include:

  • Water supply and demand.
  • Selection of an appropriate rainwater harvesting technology.
  • Basic construction, installation, operation and maintenance of soil and roof catchment systems.
  • Emphasis is placed on recent technologies and current applications.

We recently implemented our first, small scale rainwater harvesting workshop in Trojes, Honduras. The workshop lasted three days.

Participants joined us from many different communities. They learned how to build a Ferro cement container and install necessary catchment systems.  The rainwater harvesting container was completed just in time to officially test the tank and catchment system!

This initial rainwater harvesting training workshop was a success, and we look forward to sharing these trainings with many more communities and organizations in the near future.


Interested in learning more about the rainwater harvesting workshop or other WASH programs we offer in Honduras and Central America? Email Oscar Armando Andino at oandino@purewaterfortheworld.org.