Emergency Response WASH Workshops This Week

Haiti is not new to dealing with the aftermath that comes when natural disasters strike. In less than 20 years, Haiti has experienced a massive earthquake and many major hurricanes, including last week’s Hurricane Irma, which have destroyed homes, wrecked livelihoods, and taken lives.

Last October, following Hurricane Matthew (and in anticipation of future natural disasters that will not only impact Haiti but cause destruction to countries across our planet), PWW’s partner and international WASH trainer, CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology), worked collaboratively with PWW’s training team in Haiti to develop an Emergency WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Training program. (Read more about CAWST’s role with capacity building and natural disasters here). 

The training workshop, titled Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene during Emergencies for Community Agentsempowers participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate key WASH and health messages to the public following an emergency. Trainees learn the basic skills to communicate with disaster victims and explore key WASH topics for affected and/or displaced populations. Participants learn safe practices for themselves, and for their communities, to stay healthy and prevent the transmission of waterborne diseases, such as cholera. After completing the workshop, participants will be able to effectively advise people on WASH emergency.

The target audience for the Emergency WASH Training program includes: community members; Community HealthPromoters/drinking water and sanitation workers who work for international, local NGOs or community organizations; government agencies; healthcare facilitators and multi-purpose health workers; and others working with disaster recovery and water. The managers of these community workers are also encouraged to participate.

The basic overview of content of the workshop is:

  • Introduction to EPA in Emergencies
  • Transmission and blockages of diseases
  • Essentials of cholera
  • Water treatment in emergencies
  • Sanitation in Emergencies/Hygiene in Emergencies
  • Treatment and control of cholera
  • Passing key messages

This week, in response to Hurricane Irma, PWW will be conducting training sessions in Port au Prince (learn more) and Cap-Haïtien.

If you are interested in learning more and/or participating in this workshop, please contact:

  • Andrew Coco, PWW WASH Training and Consulting Services Manager, andrew.coco@purewaterfortheworld.org, or 
  • Marion Nonglaton, PWW Haiti Country Director, marion.nonglaton@purewaterfortheworld.org, or
  • Call PWW Haiti office at (011) 509.3770.0815