Let’s Make Every Day Earth Day

By Tiffany Saltis, PWW Intern

As Earth Day approaches, Pure Water for the World is excitedly gearing up to participate in local community events to spread awareness and raise funds to improve the availability of safe water in Central America and the Caribbean. While sanitation education and water filters directly improve lives, they also help our environment in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at three ways that Pure Water for the World is helping to keep our planet thriving.

  1. It’s no secret that plastic is piling up around our world. In America alone, fifty billion disposable plastic water bottles are purchased every year (source). To produce these bottles, seventeen million barrels of oil are needed. To transport these bottles across the country requires even more oil. We aren’t mathematicians, but we don’t need to be to realize this equates to a lot of carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. A safe water filter saves families money and cuts back on plastic consumption. That’s a win-win in our book.
  2. In many developing countries, people must boil their water to safely drink it. Not only is this time consuming, but it also burns through our resources. Literally! Our idea of a stove is not what is found in these homes. You will likely find water being boiled over basic wood-burning stoves or open flames. The required wood resources and resulting deforestation threatens outdoor environments. This creates a viscous cycle of people depleting resources before they can regenerate just so they can survive. Water filters allow families access to dependable, safe water without depleting precious ecosystems.
  3. We use water every day in our lives. But do we know where it comes from? Do we know how clean it is? After we use it, do we pay attention to where it goes? PWW conducts environmental workshops in communities served, so homeowners can safely manage and protect water sources and their surrounding environment.

While Earth Day is only celebrated on April 22nd, we don’t need to limit the holiday to once a year. We can celebrate every single day with simple switches to help keep the Earth happy. We invite you to think of ways you can minimize your environmental footprint. Together, we can make sure we are joyously celebrating Earth Day for countless generations to come.

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