Life is Easier in Cabañas

Eva Jiménez, PWW-Honduras Intern, recently visited the home of Merlin Melisa Lopez.

Merlin, age 30, lives in the community of Cabañas in Trojes, Honduras. She and her husband, Reino, have three children. Jerry Noel López is their oldest son, age 13. Edilia Giselle Castillo is their daughter, age 10. And their youngest son, age 6, is David Reinaldo Castillo. They are currently expecting a baby who will be born very soon.

Merlin and her family have had their filter in their home for several years. Eva spent some time talking with her about the impact the filter has had on the lives of Merlin and her family.

Eva asked Merlin if she could remember her life before the filter and what, if anything, has changed.

Merlin responded immediately, saying, “Yes, thank God. Before the filter the little one (David) suffered from diarrhea very often. Since we have had the filter, thank God, they have not suffered from anything. Life has changed very much.”

Eva then asked if her children have any issues with parasites today. Merlin replied, “No, thank God, because in the school they pay a lot of attention to that and give them deworming pills regularly.”

When asked how her filter is working today, Merlin said, “The filter is working very well. It gives good quality water. We use it every day.”

Merlin went on to say that waiting for the filter was well worth it. “We benefit a lot from it because we know our health and our children’s lives have changed.”

For Merlin and her family, life is much easier today. She almost never has to bring her children to the doctor anymore (which is about an hour away by car). Instead, Merlin and Reino can focus their time and energy on providing for the family, taking care of the home and supporting their children with receiving an education.

Shortly after their visit, the PWW team was checking the school latrines in Cabañas. The team ended up driving Merlin back to Trojes, where she would be staying at her mother-in-law’s home for a few days, to be closer to the health center, in preparation for the birth of their baby. The entire family was holding tears as the team drove away, with Reino promising the children to travel to Trojes later that week for a visit.

We are delighted to announce that Merlin has since delivered a healthy baby boy!

We share our best wishes with the family and wish Merlin a very Happy Mother’s Day.