Father Celebrates the Gifts of Safe Water

Carlos Arturo Caceres (pictured left) lives in Trojes, Honduras. He and his wife, Eucebia Flores Canales, are the proud parents of three children. His daughter, Evelin Yanela, is 16 years old. Carlos also has two sons, Carlos Osmani, age 12, and Darlin Fabricio, age 9 (both pictured).

Carlos’ family used to drink contaminated water every single day. This water brought parasitic worms into the bellies of his children, resulting in great suffering and tremendous pain.

The children were often too sick to attend school, missing many days every year. At times their illnesses were so bad that Carlos had to bring them to the health center. It was traumatic for the children, impacting their general health and wellbeing, and it cost the family precious financial resources.

That time is in the past. 

Today, Carlos and his family have a bio-sand water filter in their home. Under the guidance of the PWW team, Carlos has constructed a latrine for his family. And, the family has  received the critical training to use these tools properly and employ essential healthy hygiene practices to keep the family safe from waterborne illnesses. 

Today, Carlos’ children are able to go to school. They no longer suffer from painful parasites. And, the money previously spent on medicines can now be used to purchase food and other basic supplies to support the family.

“Safe water is of great importance,” shares Carlos. “My children were sick and could not go to school. Now they can go to school and do not suffer from pain and sickness anymore.” 

Carlos extends his gratitude to Pure Water for the World and all of the supporters who have helped his family receive the life-changing gifts of safe water and sanitation.

Happy Father’s Day, Carlos! We are grateful to have been able to help support the Caceres family. And…we cannot do this work without you! THANK YOU for making  good health and prosperity possible for so many families in Honduras and Haiti! 

Father’s Day is June 17th. Are you interested in honoring the special father in your life by empowering another father? Your donation of just $25 will provide clean water to a child; $300 will change the future for an entire family. Click here to donate today.