Haitian Father Sees Improved Health and Financial Savings

Chinton with daughter, Jeftep.

Chinton Fede and his family live in Cité Soleil, Haiti. He and his wife, Monise Jean Avoir, have three children: Dalensky (age 7), Jeftep (age 5), and Tracy (age 3). The Fede family is a beneficiary of the safe water program PWW is currently implementing in their community.

The PWW Haiti team recently sat down with Chinton to learn about the impact the safe water program is having on his family.

Before receiving hygiene training and the bio-sand water filter, Chinton’s three children, Tracy, Jeftep and Dalensky, experienced sicknesses caused by the contaminated water they were drinking and bathing in. These sicknesses regularly resulted in hospital visits, which created unplanned medical expenses, taking a significant toll on the family.

“Before using the filter, we were spending a lot of money treating waterborne illnesses, such as diarrhea, that our children were getting from the contaminated water we were using for drinking, bathing, and caring for our home,” Chinton shared. “We spent about 30,000 Gourdes ($454) at the hospital last year!” 

Since receiving their water filter and hygiene training, about six months ago, Chinton told us that the children have not experienced any waterborne illnesses. “Treated water is very important, as it helps us stay healthy. It is saving us money we used to spend on medical care because our children are no longer getting sick.”

Chinton and wife with Jeftep and Tracy.

In addition to saving money on medical treatment, the Fede family no longer has to spend precious financial resources on purchasing clean water.

“Before having the water filter, we spent 35 gourdes ($.50) for just 20 liters of treated water, which didn’t even last us two days. Now, it costs me nothing for clean water, and my children are healthy!” 

The money saved from medical expenses and purchasing clean water can now be used for supporting the family’s other necessities.

Knowing his family no longer has to worry about waterborne ailments, Chinton looks forward to a much more promising future.

“Thank you to Pure Water for the World for this project. I would like to see this project continue in our country to help more families in need.” – Chinton Fede

Pure Water for the World honors Chinton and fathers around the world who put their family’s health first! We wish you all a very happy Father’s Day!

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