PWW joins 73 MWA Organizations in Thank You Letter to Congress

Pure Water for the World is a member of the Millennium Water Alliance, a 501(c)(3) coalition of America’s leading charities working to bring clean, safe drinking water and sanitation to millions of the world’s poorest people in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Founded in 2002, MWA seeks to advance high standards for program quality, transparency, and accountability, and work with its members to bring to scale effective and sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene education solutions.  (source:

With similar goals and shared values, Pure Water for the World joined MWA in order to continue to expand upon best practices and to share lessons learned in household water treatment programs in disperse rural areas.

In addition to the work MWA does with US-based nonprofits, they also advocate for US leadership in foreign aid for sustainable WASH programs. Recently, the US Senate Appropriations committee, headed by Chairman Lindsay Graham and Vice-Chairman Patrick Leahy, approved a proposed increase to the level of funding for foreign assistance related to WASH in FY2019, to $435 million (up from $400 million in FY2018). The budget is part of an overall $54 billion appropriations bill for the State Department, USAID, and related agencies.

Carolyn Meub joined 73 other organizations in signing a letter of appreciation to Chairman Graham and Vice-Chair Leahy. The letter can be viewed, in its entirety, by clicking here.

“This increase in funding will have a significant impact on improved public health and education, especially for girls, as it will help them to receive the critical tools and education to stay in school longer,” says Meub. “When we make an investment in children and their families around the world, we plant the seeds for increased peace and prosperity.”