Just $25 a Month is “Monumental”

“I had given donations to PWW in the past, but finally decided to transition to monthly donations after seeing their video “Why Do You Give”. The need I saw and heard in that video touched me, and to realize that just $25 a month could have such a monumental affect on a child’s life really hit home.

Being a mother, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children, and I found myself realizing that $25 for our family was so small compared to what it would do for another mother in Haiti or Honduras.

To know I’m supporting mothers and fathers, giving them the chance to provide a healthier life for their children means everything. It’s the least I hope someone would do for my family, and I’m proud we can do it for others.” – Abby, Pure Water Warrior (Monthly Donor) 

You too can make a difference in the lives of others all through the year. Join Abby and many others by becoming a Pure Water Warrior!