PWW Team Member: Wilnert Dorvily

PWW Team Member Highlight: October 2019

Each month we are featuring a member of PWW’s staff. This gives you the opportunity to get to know our team a little better and gain an understanding about what makes them such a special part of PWW’s safe water programs. 

PWW Team Member: Wilnert Dorvily

PWW Office:  Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Position within PWW: Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Years with PWW: 4

How did you first learn about PWW?

During my visit to the countryside in 2014, in the Bainet area in the South East Department. As part of my prior job, I was going to see the biosand concrete filter for the first time. This is an area in which people have to get up very early to take water from the river. When talking with a family, they informed me that they received their filter from PWW. I then did some research about PWW and learned more.

What inspires you the most about the work you do?

The lamentable situation in which people live without water and sanitation in my country, especially in Desdunes where a lot of people drink water from the canal, inspires me to do this work.

What does a typical day look like for you?

First of all, when I am going to work in a rural community (i.e. Léogane, Desdunes etc.), I prepare monitoring materials to go to the field, including sand and kits to sample and test water quality. When I arrive at households I supervise the filter and complete a questionnaire based on the water and filter. Then, I take samples to test the water quality.

When I am in my office, I analyze the follow-up surveys conducted among families and schools, enter information into the database, communicate with community agents, and manage the database.

What has been your favorite project…or your proudest moment?

It was the Desdunes project, where people were drinking the residual water from the rice irrigation canal.

What has been your greatest challenge?

There are many challenges, but one of the main is transporting sand bags for the filters. (NOTE: The sand bags are awkward to carry and heavy!)

What is your favorite thing about working for PWW?

I enjoy conducting the initial surveys and following-up with households to help with their filters.

Tell us a little bit about your family.

I am married. My wife is a Chief Accountant at Coles Company. I have two children, one girl and one boy. Everybody in my family drinks from and uses the water filter for bathing.

What is your favorite activity to do when you are not working?

I usually read books, conduct research, and sometimes I go to the beach with my family.

What is your favorite food?

I like sweet potatoes with milk and vegetables.

We invite you to come visit Haiti and meet Wilnert. We are grateful for his attention to detail  and for his commitment to providing Haitian families with life-changing safe water.

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