“Organizations Tackling The Global Water Crisis”

Pure Water for the World was recently selected by Ezvid Wiki as one of six nonprofits to be featured in an article highlighting organizations dedicated to tackling the global water crisis.  

Below are two excerpts from the featured article. The entire article and a video that highlights all six organizations can be found by clicking here.

While progress has been made, there are still a staggering number of people all over the globe who lack access to clean drinking water or sanitation services. These organizations are targeting specific areas and providing sustainable solutions to ensure children of the future do not have to suffer from preventable diseases, offering financing, technology, and infrastructure across multiple continents. 


PWW is committed to ending the suffering and death among children and their families that is caused by preventable waterborne diseases. It partners with underserved communities in Central America and the Caribbean, and provides the tools and education to establish sustainably safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Pure Water for the World is based in Rutland, VT with offices in Honduras and Haiti. The nonprofit is a boots-on-the-ground organization, with 90% of its staff native to the countries and communities in which they serve.

Pure Water for the World collaborates with community members to develop goals and implementation strategies, and involves them every step of the way. The nonprofit provides many tools to the communities it works with, including bio-sand water filters for school and home use, family and school latrines, parasite treatment, hand-washing stations, and water sourcing solutions. It teaches all community members about safe water and hygiene practices prior to receiving their filters, and designates volunteers who receive extensive upkeep training. PWW offers many ways to get involved, including by donating, volunteering abroad, and fundraising.