Pure Water for the World Reaching Families In Guatemala

PWW Board Member, Wade Bradford, at the Maya Pedal office in Guatemala.

We are excited to share that Pure Water for the World will join Guatemalan nonprofit, Maya Pedal, to launch a pilot safe water project in Guatemala in January 2020. Together, we will provide clean water and safe hygiene programs to children and families who currently lack access to this basic human necessity.

The 60-home project will serve families living in Corrales Municipality, San Andres Itzapa (just nine miles outside of Antigua).

PWW will provide filter training and support to the Maya Pedal team, and the Maya Pedal team will complete the installation of the filters into family homes.

As with all PWW programs, education is the foundation to sustainable success. All beneficiary families will be required to participate in four hygiene education classes, conducted by the PWW training team, including:

  • Environmental hygiene (which includes water source protection training);
  • Home hygiene;
  • Personal hygiene;
  • Menstrual hygiene management.

The program will also include follow-up and monitoring by the PWW team, to ensure all families are using their tools and practices successfully and experiencing lasting impact.

Once the hygiene training classes and water filter installations are complete, PWW and Maya Pedal will complete an assessment of the initial project to determine impact and recommendations for future work.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact PWW Board member, Wade Bradford at GCP3C@comcast.net or 713-240-7029. 

Why Guatemala?

  • Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America, with 16.6 million people.
  • Guatemala ranks 31st, of 33 Latin American & Caribbean countries, in terms of Human Development Index (life expectancy, literacy & education, income, std. of living)
    • 54% of population lives in poverty
    • 43% is indigenous, living in rural areas with significant poverty and chronic malnutrition (highest in Americas)
    • Growth stunting rates upwards of 80% among rural and indigenous people
    • Highest infant mortality rate & lowest life expectancy at birth in Central America
    • Child mortality & malnutrition are 50% higher among rural & indigenous children
    • High levels of pollution render ~95% of surface water unusable, causing deadly diarrhea & malnutrition

Guatemala is not new to PWW. Thanks to funding from Rotary International, PWW has reached 12 health promoters and 50 teachers in 2019, delivering comprehensive WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) training to support safe and healthy practices at schools.


PWW trainers with Guatemalan teachers.

Guatemalan students practice handwashing.



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