Red Cross Certified!

Maldonado Junior explaining the human skull’s bones.

Last week, the PWW Honduras team participated in a Red Cross Training Course focused on Basic Life Support. The training consisted of learning the basics about how to assist and bring support to a victim during the initial minutes following an accident, while waiting for professional medical support.

The training program included theoretical presentations, practice on models, and real-life anecdotes given by the instructor, Maldonado Junior, a qualified member and trainer of the Honduran Red Cross.

Finally, all PWW team members were evaluated through a theoretical exam and a practical exam. We are proud to report that every team member passed, and all are officially qualified to assist and bring support to any child, adult or elderly person in the event of a heart attack, shock, bleeding, burning, choking, and other common accidents.


While lots of learning took place, a great time was had by all during the 2-day training. Watch this fun video with more photos from the training program.