COVID-19, An Update from Haiti & Honduras – April 10, 2020

PWW teams in Haiti and Honduras continue essential safe hygiene education outreach to help vulnerable populations as COVID-19 spreads. 


The team has not let closures and stay-at-home protocols slow them down. Because messages do not often get out to the rural areas in which PWW works, the team has been busy creating posters for distribution in essential public spaces…banks, supermarkets, border offices, and health centers.

Samuel, PWW Health Promoter in Honduras, is continuing to work closely with the local government in the region of Maraita, offering help wherever he can.

  • He is providing education to community members about essential practices to protect themselves, not only from COVID-19 but from pathogens in their local water sources.
  • He is working with community members to complete school WASH stations, that will support students when they return.
  • He is helping the Mayor get food supplies to families who are home with no means to purchase food.
  • He has even been given an official permit to travel and help other members of the PWW team get computers, so they can continue providing training from their homes.

This is Holy Week, so much of the team is honoring this time with their families. Next week, plan to see some additional videos. The team will also be working on creating training webinars. Stay tuned.

“As I drink my cup of Honduran coffee this morning,” Maria Inestroza, Honduras Country Director, said this morning, “I think of all of the families PWW supports with clean water and sanitation, who, at this moment, are not able to sell their coffee…their only reliable source of income, which they depend on this time of the year. I hope we are all able to get back out to the field very soon, so we can really wake up and celebrate smelling the coffee.” 

As of today, April 10, the numbers in Honduras continue to rise, with 382 reported cases and 23 confirmed deaths. Please keep the people of Honduras in your thoughts. We all look forward to the day where the world can celebrate the end of this pandemic, perhaps with a delicious cup of Honduran coffee.


Click here to see the Spanish instructional poster regarding safely wearing face masks.


With current stay-at-home measures, our team is having to get really creative. They completed television and radio Public Service Announcements (PSA), which are already airing. They are also providing these resources to PWW partners and other NGOs in Haiti, with a goal of expanding their collective reach.

Some PWW team members do not have internet at their homes, so measures are being taken to see if we can help them gain access and enable them to continue sharing these important messages with Community Agents and school teachers.

“Thank you all for your efforts to keep on educating the Haitian communities,” Laura Guerrier, PWW Office Coordinator in Haiti, (pictured during recording session) shares this week. “Your support means a lot. We offer you all our best regards.”

PSA radio ad (in Creole), sharing about COVID-19, can be heard here:

PSA television ad (in Creole), teaching about how to build a TipiTap handwashing station, is here:

As of today, there are 30 reported cases of COVID-19 and 2 reported deaths, though testing is still extremely limited. Health resources continue to be a major concern, as well as the ability for most Haitians to implement protective practices, including basic handwashing and social distancing. There has been discussion of bringing rapid testing to the country, with mixed opinions. If you are interested in learning more, you can read here.

The Haitian people are celebrating Holy Week. Please keep them in your thoughts.

You can help. Your financial support during this critical time will help to ensure our ability to maintain staff and bring critical, life-saving hygiene education and resources to people in need. Donate here.

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