COVID-19, An Update from Honduras & Haiti – May 1, 2020

PWW teams in Haiti and Honduras continue essential safe hygiene education outreach to help vulnerable populations as COVID-19 spreads. 

Important to note: The work being done by PWW teams, in response to this crisis, is not simply a short-term band-aid. Decisions are being carefully considered with the objective of building upon our existing hygiene education programs and materials, expanding our reach through new channels, which PWW teams will continue to use long after the threat of COVID-19 has diminished. 


The PWW team continues to be designated as “essential” by local governments. Teams have been working this week on building emergency latrines and handwashing stations at all of the entrances into Trojes. Why are these essential? Due to the processing required for people coming into Trojes, many people lining up were in need of bathroom facilities. With no facilities available, men and boys as well as women and girls had no option but to go in the open. This not only created unsanitary conditions, it was deeply embarrassing and even dangerous for girls and women.

To the right is a photo of the first completed latrine — ready for use!

Here are some additional photos:







Posters providing education about proper handwashing and mask wearing techniques were placed around Trojes. Here is a fun video sharing the impact these posters are creating:

The WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) Training and Consulting team members continue their focus on creating virtual workshops, as well as beginning to plan how trainings will look once in-person meetings become possible again.

As of today, May 1, Honduras has 804 confirmed cases, with 72 deaths. Please keep the people of Honduras in your thoughts.


With our team back at the office, the team is working on new videos, including one for proper handwashing. Look for it to come out next week.

Proper mask-wearing posters are ready for sharing with partners and community agents (see photo).

As of today, there are 81 reported cases of COVID-19 and 8 reported deaths, with continued severely limited testing. Please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts.


Donations matched! A long-time supporter of PWW is matching $12,500 in donations. If you feel inspired, please consider a gift of just $10, $15, or $25 to keep our teams doing this critical work. Thank you! Donate here.

NOTE: The newly released CARES Act allows for non-itemizer deductions of up to $300 for 2020 (claimed on tax forms next year) and lifts the existing 60% income cap on annual contributions for those who itemize in 2020. It also raises the annual limit for corporate donations from 10 percent to 25 percent. Please consult your tax advisor for more details.

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