Ride for Safe Water – Rider Spotlight: Linda Keefer

What made Linda Keefer of Herndon, Virginia (pictured right with husband, Dean) decide to hop on her Trek 7.2 road bike and spear head the 30 mile Ride for Safe Water, Virginia?

“When I went to Honduras to volunteer last fall, it made a big impact on me. I live in an area where people will spend $100 on a dinner out so to see what difference $100 makes for the people Pure Water is trying to help, it just made sense to try to raise money for them. I feel fortunate that so many people wanted to ride with me and to those who donated their money during this COVID crisis.”

Pure Water for the World is very grateful to Linda, her fellow riders, and all those who donated. The Ride for Safe Water, Virginia has raised almost $2000 to share safe water with children and families in need.

While Linda did not get a chance to hop on a bike when she was volunteering in Honduras, since she was so busy helping the PWW Honduras team install filters in homes, build WASH stations at schools, and assist in a community deworming event, when asked about her favorite place to ride, Linda said, “Taking bike rides on vacation at location I have never been before.” Maybe next time Linda volunteers in Honduras. She is excited to return when the pandemic subsides.

When we asked Linda what her earliest biking memory was, she replied, “Riding my banana bike to Dudley Park during the summer months.”

Bonus bike memory this week come from Eli Nutting of Colchester, Vermont who says, “I remember my first memory was of my little red bike with a hand-me-down duck and goose helmet!”

Do you have a great biking memory? Feel free to email info@purewaterfortheworld.org, and we will add it as a bonus to our Rider Spotlight, which we will be sharing each week of our Ride for Safe Water 2020 summer.

This summer, your bike ride can save lives. Join the Ride for Safe Water 2020 virtual event and help bring life-changing safe water and essential hygiene education to families and children in need.
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