Ride for Safe Water – Rider Spotlight: Shawn Foster

“My earliest bike memory is a story my Dad used to tell. After he took my training wheels off I went down the driveway and it had a bend in it with a basketball hoop. While he did not hear anything, all of a sudden he saw the basketball hoop wobbling and knew I must have hit it!”

Why did Shawn Foster of Rutland, Vermont…who still crashes sometimes because, “If you don’t crash you’re not pushing your limits” …decide to get out of his Trek Remedy saddle flowing through the berms and hop on his Cannondale Slate to hit the road?

“Ride for Safe Water helps to benefit a great cause. We all need water, and I get to bring awareness to the fact that so many lack access to water while training harder than I usually do during the summer, so it is a win-win! I am healthier…and so are the people who get safe water because of the donations my ride is bringing in.”

Shawn’s Ride for Safe Water adventure will be a century from Stowe, VT to Ludlow, VT, traveling on route 100 on July 11th. The temperatures are predicted to be in the high 80s, maybe even 90s, for this 100-mile ride. He’s not worried.

“My favorite place I have ever ridden is in Moab, Utah. While I wasn’t out there during the hottest time of the year, I am not worried. Luckily I have plenty of safe water to keep me hydrated.”

Follow his adventure on the PWW Facebook on Saturday, July 11th, with updates throughout the day, and start planning your Ride for Safe Water today!

Our Bonus Bike Memory this week come from Dr. Jennifer Jacobs of Alma, Michigan, “I remember riding with my brothers. My old brother thought it would be a good idea of we rode in circles in the road. All of a sudden a car came along, and I was like a deer in headlights. Fortunately the car stopped without incident. Unfortunately, it was a friend of my mother’s who promptly told on us…and that was the end of the riding for that day!”

Do you have a great biking memory? Feel free to email info@purewaterfortheworld.org, and we will add it as a bonus to our Rider Spotlight, which we will be sharing each week of our Ride for Safe Water 2020 summer.

This summer, your bike ride can save lives. Join the Ride for Safe Water 2020 virtual event and help bring life-changing safe water and essential hygiene education to families and children in need.
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