Water is “Such a Blessing”

An interview with Jesula Jean-Jacques, Mother, PWW Safe Water Program Beneficiary – Leogane, Haiti

My name is Jesula Jean-Jacques. I am 46 years old. I have been living in Bernard, a rural community in Leogane, Haiti for 10 years. As you may know our region is one of the most vulnerable in the country of Haiti.

We live alone, often feeling forgotten by the rest of Haiti. Water isn’t supposed to be a luxury, due to the fact that no one can live without it. But, the water that we have access to here, that our children gather in the river, is literally killing our people.

When we heard about PWW and the work they were doing, we were so excited. For me, and the people in my community, we felt it was such a blessing. We quickly learn what safe water tastes like. Then, we start to realize a huge decrease of a number of diseases in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, all of our families are not able to have a filter, so we share our water with one another.

I am so happy. I feel like a privileged person now! It is hard to say this, since water is not supposed to be such a big deal, but PWW’s water program has changed my life and the lives of my family members.

I hope it will to the same for the rest of my people in this country, suffering so much, waiting for safe water.

You can bring much-needed safe water programs to more families, like Jesula’s. Just $25 provides live-saving clean water for one person, $300 empowers an entire family with safe water and critical hygiene education, providing the foundation for lasting health, hope and opportunity.
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